Prestonwood Montessori PTO 

Prestonwood Parents!

Prestonwood Parents is an engaged Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO is an integral part of our wonderful school, playing an active role in building the Prestonwood Montessori community through fundraising, planning events, and countless hours of volunteer work both on and off-campus.  It is truly a combination of time and talents that make our school such a wonderful place, and it is the hope that every family will find a way to share their gifts with the school.

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Prestonwood Montessori at E.D. Walker


Prestonwood Montessori will guide children to discover their passions, embrace individuality, and cultivate relationships within their communities.

Prestonwood Montessori at E.D Walker host Dallas' newest dual-language Montessori elementary and a STEM, two-way dual language learning, and visual and performing arts middle school in one innovative campus. Our combined PTO advocates for the whole child and raises funds for events and materials.

Chess Club

New students wanting to join our Prestonwood pack should apply for an opportunity at our campus. Applications will open in fall of 2022. Please be sure to make this a priority if you are a current Prestonwood family looking for a sibling spot. Entrance to our campus is a lottery system and there is no guarantee that you will receive a spot for a sibling.

Montessori instruction emphasizes student self-discovery and independence. It is ideal for students who enjoy hands on learning.

For more information: https://www.dallasisd.org/walkermontessori